Paramedic claims Michael Jackson’s doctor Conrad Murray said singer was ‘fine’ as he lay dead

Legal transcripts are leaked a week before trial is due to start

Leaked legal documents have revealed Michael Jackson‘s doctor Conrad Murray told a paramedic the singer was “fine” as he lay dead.

LA paramedic Richard Senneff claims in a statement the doctor stood in front of Jackson and said: “He doesn’t have a problem. He is fine. He was practising all night. I’m just treating him for dehydration.”

Senneff, who was first on the scene after a guard called 911, also believed Murray lied to him about what drugs he had given Jackson.

Initially he said when he asked Murray if Jackson was on medication the doctor said he “wasn’t taking anything”. But he then backtracked and said he had given the singer the anti-anxiety drug lorazepam to “help him sleep”, reports the Daily Mirror.

Senneff also claims that he later saw Murray clearing bottles from the room and he found him performing CPR on the bed after 911 operators had told him to move Jackson to the floor.

The paramedic will be a key player in the LA Supreme Court trial which is due to start next week.

Murray has pleaded not guilty to involuntary manslaughter. He faces up to four years in prison if convicted.