Michael Jackson’s estate settles dispute with Heal the World Foundation

Late singer's estate agrees terms with charity

Michael Jackson‘s estate has settled a dispute with US charity Heal the World Foundation.

Reps for the late singer’s estate filed a lawsuit against the charity in 2009, alleging that the foundation was misusing a trademark which belonged to the singer’s former charity, also called Heal The World Foundation.

Bosses at the charity had argued that Jackson‘s lawyers had given them permission to use the name in 2005. But they have now agreed to not use the name Heal The World Foundation or Jackson‘s likeness to promote the organisation.

The charity’s website, Healtheworldfoundation.org, now carries a disclaimer that reads: “Please Note: Heal The World Foundation is not affiliated with the executors of the Michael Jackson estate, neither are any products sold on this site endorsed by the Jackson estate.”

Jackson founded his charity in 1992, but abandoned it after he was accused of child molestation offences.