Michael Jackson’s doctor Conrad Murray returns to work

Doctor goes back to his clinic at patients' request

Michael Jackson‘s doctor Conrad Murray, who is the subject of an investigation into the death of the singer, has returned to work.

The cardiologist has resumed work at his medical clinic in Houston for the first time since the late singer’s death on June 25.

“He has not been able to earn a living since the death of Michael Jackson,” his lawyer Ed Chernoff told the Associated Press. “His legal fees are enormous and his debts have mounted to the point where it is unclear whether he will be able to keep his house or support his family.

“His intentions are to attend to these patients who have continued to support him, despite the attention and despite the threats.”

Dr Murray‘s lawyer confirmed that he returned to work on Friday (November 20) to see 16 patients who had requested appointments.

Murray last worked at the clinic in April before suspending his regular practices in Las Vegas and Houston to become Jackson‘s personal physician.

His return to work comes just days after court documents revealed he had quantities of the anaesthetic Propofol, which was given to the late singer on the day of his death, brought over from Las Vegas.

Jackson‘s death has already been ruled as a homicide, primarily caused by Propofol and Dr Murray has admitted administering the drug on the day he died. However, he has always denied any wrongdoing.