New court documents released in Michael Jackson investigation

Records show his doctor bought the anaesthetic Propofol over from another state

New court documents have revealed Michael Jackson‘s doctor had the anaesthetic Propofol, which was given to the singer on the day of his death, brought over from Las Vegas.

Search warrant records show that investigators found receipts in Dr Conrad Murray‘s Las Vegas office showing that he bought the drug on May 12 from Applied Pharmacy Services.

He purchased five 100ml bottles of the drug costing $853 (£515) around the same time he was hired by the late singer.

The Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) said that Dr Murray, who is licensed in Nevada, California and Texas, had not broken any laws in buying Propofol in one state and administering it in another, reports BBC News.

His lawyer Edward Chernoff said there were no surprises in the documents and added:”The fact that Dr Murray ordered five bottles of Propofol is consistent with what he told investigators.”

Jackson‘s death has already been ruled as a homicide, primarily caused by Propofol, and Dr Murray has admitted administering the drug to Jackson on the day he died, June 25. However, he denied any wrongdoing.

He said he had been injecting Jackson with the drug at the singer’s rented Los Angeles house each night to help him sleep.