Michael Jackson’s doctor Conrad Murray preparing to sue AEG

Murray claims promoter AEG owes him money

Michael Jackson‘s doctor Conrad Murray is reportedly preparing to sue promoters AEG for $300,000 (£180,000) he says he is owed – for two months of unpaid services.

Miranda Sevcik, publicist for Ed Chernoff, his lawyer, said that AEG had been “dragging its feet” over the payments, hinting that a lawsuit was on the way. “Dr Murray needs the money and he’s entitled to the money based on the contract he signed with AEG,” she said, reports TMZ.

AEG had been organising the ‘This Is It’ residency at the London O2 Arena that had been set to take place last summer. Murray claims to have signed a deal with the promoters entitling him to the money after giving up his GP practice.

The doctor is under investigation for Jackson‘s death.