Conrad Murray wants to use Michael Jackson syringe fingerprints in trial

Evidence could be used in attempt to prove the singer killed himself

Fingerprints from Michael Jackson found on a broken dirty syringe are expected to be used by his doctor in an attempt to prove the singer killed himself.

Lawyers for Jackson‘s doctor Conrad Murray are expected to claim that the singer injected himself with a lethal does of the sedative Propofol, resulting in his death. They are also expected to claim that Murray was out of the room the incident occurred, reports The Sun.

Murray admits giving Jackson a cocktail of drugs prior to his death in June 2009 in Los Angeles, but claims he did not give him anything that would kill him.


He denies the charge of involuntary manslaughter.

At a pre-trial hearing in Los Angeles Murray‘s legal team asked to see prints taken from the syringe. A source told the newspaper: “The defence will be based around the claim Michael gave himself the fatal dose.”

They added: “While there was medical equipment in the room Murray clearly did use, he’ll claim he did not touch this particular syringe. It could prove a crucial and controversial piece of evidence.”

The trial was set to begin on March 24 but now won’t take place until May.

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