Michael Jackson’s doctor Conrad Murray ‘tried to hide drug paraphernalia’

Jackson delayed calling authorities, according to witnesses

Michael Jackson‘s doctor Conrad Murray asked one of his bodyguards to hide medical paraphernalia shortly before the singer’s death in June 2009, a US court has been told.

Murray yesterday (January 4) attended a Los Angeles preliminary court hearing to decide whether he should stand trial for the involuntary manslaughter of Jackson.

Appearing in front of Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Michael Pastor, Murray listened as prosecutors accused him of being negligent in treating the singer for insomnia.

Prosecutor David Walgren told the court that Murray had waited up to 21 minutes before alerting authorities of Jackson‘s ailing condition, reports the Telegraph. He added that Murray had ordered one of Jackson‘s security guards to collect medical paraphernalia and other items before authorities arrived at the rented mansion where the singer was staying.

The doctor has previously admitted giving Jackson an injection of the anaesthetic Propofol on the night he died, but said that the amount was not enough to kill him.

Murray faces up to four years in prison if convicted.