Michael Jackson autopsy photos – no official leaks

Coroner denies official pictures on the market as rumours surface

The Los Angeles Coroner has declared that no official photos of Michael Jackson‘s autopsy have leaked, after claims that someone is trying to sell snaps of the singer’s body for $1 million.

According to rumours published on The Daily Beast, it has been claimed that a Los Angeles restaurant owner is in possesion of a high resolution shot of the singer’s body and is trying to sell it to the highest bidder.

It is suggested that the image is stored on a BlackBerry and was obtained from a police source.

However, Los Angeles chief coroner Ed Winter has since told Accesshollywood.com that any such picture could not be an official autopsy photo.

He said the official photographs were under “lock and key” and they could not be “floating around”.

It is claimed that the photo in question shows Jackson‘s head, featuring his shaved scalp minus make-up. A scar is supposedly visible plus his tattooed eyebrows.