Michael Jackson: death was homicide

Officials rule that the self-styled king of pop was intoxicated by Propofol anaesthetic

Michael Jackson‘s death in June this year has been officially confirmed as homicide, a Los Angeles coroner has ruled.

Jackson died of cardiac arrest on June 25 at his Los Angeles home.

A coroners report released today (August 28) has now confirmed that the “primary drugs responsible for Mr Jackson‘s death” were the
anaesthetics and sedatives Propofol and Lorazepam, reports BBC News.

Jackson‘s personal doctor, Conrad Murray has been interviewed by police previously regarding Jackson’s death, but has not been named as a suspect.

“The cause of death was established as acute Propofol intoxication,” the coroner’s report states. It adds that, “the manner of death has been ruled: homicide”. In the US, homicide crimes include manslaughter.