Michael Jackson’s death – what the papers are saying today (July 3)

Custody battle, 'brilliant' unreleased material, Buckingham Palace tribute, fake names - read a round-up of what is being reported about the singer

Reaction to Michael Jackson’s death is continuing to dominate the newspapers today (July 03).

There are various claims, rumours, gossip and stories about the singer, his death, his life and the aftermath filling the tabloids. Here is a round-up of what is being said about Jackson.

Jackson ‘offered to buy’ octuplets as playmates for son Blanket
The singer allegedly hinted that he wanted to buy Nadya Suleman‘s (known as ‘Octomum’ in the US) eight newborn babies from her because his youngest child Prince Michael II (aka Blanket) wanted some new playmates. Suleman‘s publicist Victor Munoz says he fielded several calls from Jackson‘s aides, and one from the singer himself, in which he personally offered to take care of the children.
Blanket would love to have more siblings. I could take care of all the babies, they could live with me and wouldn’t need anything. They would have a bright future,” the star is alleged to have told Munoz.
“When Michael called I thought it was a joke at first,” Munoz said of his encounter with Jackson. “It was creepy. He was basically offering to buy the children. I was a bit shocked.”
(Daily Mirror).

‘Dozens of brilliant’ unreleased Jackson recordings
Former Sony Music Entertainment head Tommy Mottola has revealed that a host of unreleased music recorded by Jackson could be released posthumously. “There are dozens of songs that did not end up on any of his albums,” he explained, adding that a separate wing at Sony may be set up solely to deal with new Jackson releases. “People will be hearing a lot of that unreleased material for the first time ever. There’s just some genius and brilliance in there.” Black Eyed Peas‘ frontman Will.i.am and Akon both say they recorded material with Jackson before his death.
(Daily Star).

Ex-wife Debbie Rowe to fight for custody of children
Rowe has reportedly filed papers saying she wants to take care of the two children she bore with Jackson, Prince Michael I and Paris. “They are my flesh and blood. I’m going after my children,” she said.
The move is likely to cause friction between her and Jackson‘s mother Katherine, who has been given temporary custody of the children and is named as the guardian in Jackson‘s will. The couple divorced in 1999.
(Daily Mirror).

President Mr Michael Jackson, Mike J Jackson, Michael Jackson Jehovah – Jackson’s fake credit loan names
Jackson was allegedly so desperate for credit that he used over 20 variations on his name to apply for loans. Those favoured by the star included President Mr Michael Jackson, Michael JJJ Christ-Jehovah, Michael J Jackson ChristJeh, Michael Jackson Jehovah and Mike J Jackson. According to reports, all of the pseudonyms proved fruitless.
(The Sun).

Coffin copied from James Brown
The coffin Jackson will be buried in is identical to the one used to bury James Brown. Costing £15,300, the coffin is “extremely rare” and comes with flame-blue velvet lining, according to a source.
(Daily Star).

Buckingham Palace tribute to Jackson
Scots Guards paid tribute to Jackson by performing ‘Thriller’ outside Buckingham Palace. “At one point they even appeared to be putting together some moves to go with the music,” an onlooker claimed.
(The Sun).

Circus animals to appear at funeral
In what organisers are calling a coincidence, a circus featuring marching elephants is to appear directly before Jackson‘s public memorial at the Staples Center in Los Angeles on Tuesday (July 7). The city’s annual Parade Of The Elephants‘ was already booked to take place that morning. An unnamed friend of Jackson‘s said he’d be thrilled at the event. “Michael would be very touched that elephants will march at his memorial,” the friend explained. “He used to say that he only ever felt he could be himself with animals and children.”
(Daily Star).

Diana Ross ‘unaware’ of childcare details in will
Friends of Diana Ross say the singer was unaware she was named in Jackson‘s will as a potential guardian to his children should his mother Katherine die. “Maybe she forgot – though that’s the kind of thing I find hard to believe anyone would forget – but she’s saying she was unaware of those arrangements,” a friend of Ross‘ said.
(Daily Mirror).

Jackson was an ‘intellectual’
Jacko‘s lawyer Bob Sanger revealed yesterday (July 2) that Jackson had more than 10,000 books in his library, numbering in everything from literature classics for Freud, Socrates and Jung. “He was very intellectual but didn’t flaunt it,” Sanger said.
(The Sun).