Michael Jackson’s death – what the papers are saying today (June 30)

Murder rumours, children's parentage questions, rehearsals, lost will - here is what is being reported about the singer

Reaction to Michael Jackson’s death is again dominating the newspapers today (June 30).

There are various claims, rumours, gossip and stories about the singer, his death, his life and the aftermath filling the tabloids. Here is a round-up of what is being said about Jackson.

Father Joe Jackson suspects foul play over Michael’s death
Joe has said that he thinks his son was murdered, reportedly stating, “Somebody killed my son” and, “Somebody is going to pay”. Asked for his thoughts on his son’s death while at the Black Entertainment Awards in Los Angeles yesterday, the grieving 80-year-old said he is suspicious and concerned about last Thursday’s (June 25) events. “Michael was dead before he left the house. I’m suspecting foul play somewhere. He was waving to everybody and telling them he loves them and all the fans at the gate. A few minutes after Michael was out there he was dead,” he explained. “Yes, I have a lot of concerns. I can’t get into that but I don’t like what happened,” he added.
(Daily Star).

‘This Is It’ album to be released?
A recording of Jackson‘s last rehearsal for his ‘This Is It’ tour – recorded on Wednesday (June 24) in LA, a day before his death – is good enough to be released as a live album and DVD, promoters claim. An AEG spokesperson told Thewrap.com: “We have a live album in the can.”

Manager breaks news of death to children
Jackson‘s manager Frank DiLeo has revealed that it was he who broke the news of the singer’s death to his three children. “They said, ‘Say it’s not true’. I said, ‘I’m sorry’. We all cried and then we hugged and they all hugged each other,” he explained, adding that Jackson had previously asked him to look after the children: “I got to kiss him and tell him I loved him and that I would take care of his children, as he had asked me to do.”
(Daily Star).

Jackson spent £30,000 a month on prescription drugs
Singer allegedly gorged on prescription drugs including sedative Xanax, muscle relaxant Soma, anti-depressant Zoloft, heartburn pill Priolosec and anti-anxiety drug Paxil. The majority of the prescriptions were obtained under a false name, Omar Adams.
(The Sun).

Liz Taylor ‘screaming in her house’
The 77-year-old’s reaction to her friend Jackson‘s death has caused friends to worry for her health and safety.
(Daily Record).

Mob businessman claims he fathered Jackson son
Noted restaurateur Al Malnik – who has alleged connections with the mob – says he fathered Jackson‘s third child Prince Michael II (also known as Blanket), as well as lending the star money. Malnik says he is now seeking custody of the child. “I was a father figure to Michael and now I intend to be a father figure to the son who is rightfully mine,” he’s quoted as saying.
(Daily Star).

Concerns over Jackson’s will
Family lawyer’s say Jackson‘s will has not yet been found. Meanwhile, legal experts who worked on dividing Jimi Hendrix‘s estate (which took over 20 years to finalise) predict that sorting out Jackson‘s estate “is going to be a major headache”.
(Daily Record).

Coroners blast Jackson autopsy rumours
Reports that Jackson‘s stomach was filled with pills, that he was bald and that he weighed eight stone are not accurate, according to LA County Coroners. “Some of it [the report] is totally false,” a spokesperson said.
(Daily Star).

La Toya Jackson revealed as family member searching for hidden money
Reports claim that she was looking for the singer’s money – which he kept stashed around his house – in case it was stolen. Previously, Jackson‘s children’s former nanny Grace Rwaramba had revealed an unnamed member of the Jackson family had phoned her in an attempt to find the singer’s cash.
(Daily Record).

Channel 4 property show presenter’s business goes bust while finding Jackson a house for O2 Arena gigs
Phil Spencer, who presents ‘Relocation Relocation’ and ‘Location Location Location’, was tasked with finding Jackson a base to stay at during his O2 Arena residency. However, Jackson‘s strict demands for him to find a house no longer than 45 minutes away from the O2 Arena, with high security and ample space for his children to play in initially proved fruitless as the singer didn’t like anything presented to him. After eventually finding a property Jackson was happy with, the duo agreed to sign a contract on June 29 – though the deal was never concluded as Jackson died four days earlier. While conducting the search, Spencer revealed that his own property business had gone bust.
(The Sun).

Jackson was a fan of Eminem, Black Eyed Peas and Beyonce
The singer’s favourite current artists were Beyonce, Eminem, Dr Dre, Black Eyed Peas and Kelly Rowland, according to his friend David Gest.
(The Sun).

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