Michael Jackson’s doctor makes YouTube video

Dr Conrad Murray thanks his supporters in minute-long clip

The man at the centre of the manslaughter case surrounding the death of Michael Jackson has made a short video for YouTube, thanking his supporters for their kind words and saying he has been afraid to return emails or phone calls.

Conrad Murray allegedly gave Jackson an anaesthetic drug to help him sleep just after midnight on the day he died of cardiac arrest. He reportedly injected Propofol to Jackson regularly, despite the fact that the drug is intended only for medical anaesthetic use, and not as a sleeping aid.

“Because of all that is going on, I am afraid to return phone calls or use my e-mail,” Murray said in the video. “I recorded this video to let all of you know that I have been receiving your messages … Your messages give me strength and courage and keep me going. They mean the world to me.”

The doctor received death threats and hired a bodyguard after Jackson’s death. He has not worked since, and has closed his Las Vegas practice.

Murray has been interviewed twice by police, and has had his Texas storage unit searched. He reportedly told police he did give Jackson a sedative in the hours before his death. He apparently left the room to make phone calls, and when he retuned he found Jackson was not breathing.

The cause of death is known by the coroner, but the results are being held while the investigation is ongoing.

Watch Dr. Murray‘s video here:

–By our New York staff.
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