Michael Jackson slammed by animal rights group

PETA says star should 'leave exotic animals alone'

Animal rights group PETA have condemned Michael Jackson‘s apparent plans to ride an elephant on stage at his forthcoming London residency.

This morning the Mirror.co.uk claimed that Jackson wants to open the show’s ‘jungle section’ with the outlandish sequence, with the elephant leading panthers on gold chains, with parrots flying behind him.

However, a spokesperson for People For The Ethical Treatment Of Animals told NME.COM that plans, if true, are irresponsible.

The statement reads: “Michael Jackson gave away his chimpanzee, and left giraffes, elephants and other animals in appalling, cramped conditions when he vacated the Neverland Ranch. These exotic animals belong in Africa, not the O2 Arena among screaming fans, bright lights and stage explosions.

“These wild animals are deprived of everything that is natural and important to them when they are forced to perform under stressful conditions. Michael needs to learn to leave exotic animals alone.”