Fan files lawsuit and alleges that Michael Jackson doesn’t sing on 2010 posthumous album

Woman says she consulted audio expert before taking legal action

A Michael Jackson fan is suing the late singer’s estate because she claims he does not feature on all the tracks on his 2010 posthumous album.

As Fashion Times reports, the plaintiff has taken legal action over Jackson’s 2010 LP ‘Michael’. In particular, she cited the tracks ‘Breaking News’, ‘Monster’ and ‘Keep Your Head Up’ and claimed that, after hiring and consulting with an audio expert who analysed the album, it was unlikely that Jackson had sung those three songs.

The fan also wants her lawsuit to be a class action which means that, should she be successful, any other person who bought the album would also be able to claim compensation. In 2012, a video interview featuring Jackson’s daughter Paris surfaced in which she alleged that the album was a fake and that the vocals had been recorded by the singer Jason Malachi.

“It’s not him. The whole album isn’t even him,” she said in a conversation filmed in 2010 while listening to the LP. “Go online, go on YouTube and look up Jason Malachi. That’s him. I should know if it’s him or not because he would sing to me all the time.”

However, the lawyer for Jackson’s estate, Howard Weitzman, has previously gone on record to insist that the singer did record the vocals on the album. The posthumous Jackson album ‘Xscape’ was released recently, and subsequently became his 10th Official Albums Chart Number One album in the UK. The success of the album has led to rumours that a further eight posthumous follow-ups could be released in the future.