Michael Jackson: ”Thriller’ was crap and sucked’

Newly-released interview reveals how album was saved

Michael Jackson believed that initial mixes of his seminal 1982 album ‘Thriller’ were “crap” and “sucked”, it has been revealed in a newly-unearthed interview.

In the interview from ’80s, published by the News Of The World, the late singer revealed that he was considering scrapping the Quincy Jones-produced album before being inspired by watching children play to salvage it.

‘Thriller’ sounded so crap. The mixes sucked,” he said. “When we listened to the whole album, there were tears… I just cried like a baby. I stormed out of the room and said, ‘We’re not releasing this’.”


Jackson went on to explain that a visit to watch some school kids helped him turn the album around. “One of the maintenance crew in the studio had a bicycle and so I took it and rode up to the schoolyard,” he said. “I just watched the children play. When I came back I was ready to rule the world. I went into the studio and I turned them songs out.”

The tape isn’t the only interview to be unearthed since the singer’s death in June. Recently interview tapes featuring Jackson and Rabbi Shmuley Boteach revealed that the singer said he believed he could have changed Adolf Hitler if he could have met him.