‘Bo Selecta’ Michael Jackson special to air

Leigh Francis' TV show will be back for a one-off

A one-off Michael Jackson tribute episode of ‘Bo Selecta’ is set to air on TV.

The show, created by comedian Leigh Francis, will air on the E4 channel in the UK, reports BBC News. It is set to be broadcast some time this autumn.

The programme will feature depictions of the late singer’s friends Uri Geller and David Gest, and according to the makers will be a “chronological look at Michael Jackson‘s life”. Celebrity guests will also feature.

Francis said that Jackson‘s death was “like the death of superman, or the realisation that there was no such thing as Santa Claus“.

‘Bo Selecta’ last aired in the UK in 2004. Watch a clip of Francis‘ depiction of Jackson in the show by clicking below.