Tito Jackson: ‘We had to break into Neverland to speak to Michael Jackson’

Plus brother talks about singer's plastic surgery issues

Tito Jackson has told how his family stormed Michael Jackson‘s Neverland ranch in order to confront his brother on his addiction to painkillers.

After becoming concerned at stories of Michael being hooked on prescription drugs, the family had decided an intervention was needed.

Jackson had apparently ordered his minders to not let anybody into the ranch but Tito and his brothers and sisters forced their way past guards.

Speaking to The Daily Mirror he said: “We had to act. It was me, my sisters Janet, Rebbie, and La Toya and my brothers, Jackie and Randy.”

“We bust right into the house and he was surprised to see us to say the least. We went into one of his private rooms and had a discussion with him. Some of us were crying.”

Although Tito and his family spoke to Michael at length about his addiction, he kept denying the drug problem, saying they were “over-reacting”.

It is believed that Michael Jackson had become addicted to painkillers after requiring hospital treatment in 1984 for being set alight by a firework while filming a Pepsi advert.

Tito also spoke about the rumours surrounding Michael‘s plastic surgery, stating that “He was trying to make himself attractive to himself. We all look at ourselves different. Everyone has a personal preference.

“He was forever trying to improve his looks. In a way it was sad.”