Michael Jackson sued

Law firm claims he owes them

Michael Jackson is being sued by a Los Angeles law firm over claims that he owes them more than £57,000 ($113,000).

Lavely & Singers alleges he agreed in arbitration to play £90,000 ($180,000) over three instalments.

A complaint filed in Los Angeles Superior Court claims he failed to make the final payment before the July 31 deadline, reports BBC News.

His publicist Raymone Bain was not available for comment.

Last month a judge ordered the singer to play more than £129,000 ($256,000) in legal fees to another firm that handled some issues at his 2005 trial.

Meanwhile, in June, lawyers settled out of court for an undisclosed sum after a finance company sued the pop star, claiming it was owed £26 million ($48 million).

Prescient Acquisition alleged it helped Jackson find investors to help pay off a £145 million ($272.5 million) debt.