Watch footage of police searching Michael Jackson’s Neverland home in 2003

Police reports from child sex arrest resurfaced this week

New footage has surfaced showing the police searching Michael Jackson‘s Neverland home over a decade ago.

Earlier this week Radar Online published police reports dating back to a search of the singer’s Santa Barbara property in 2003. Jackson later faced trial for child molestation two years later in 2005 but was acquitted on all counts.

The reports claim that several books featuring explicit and suggestive material of young boys were found, including a “book depicting nude children” and images of “pre-teen or early teenage individuals” who were either “nude or semi-nude”.

Now The Daily Mail has published a video from the scene of the search that shows investigators looking through a number of rooms filled with Jackson’s toy collection. See below.

Jackson repeatedly denied accusations of child sex abuse during his lifetime. In 1993, 13 year old Evan Chandler sued Jackson for allegedly sexually abusing him. The two parties reached a financial settlement the next year, with criminal investigations into the claims later dropped due to a lack of evidence.

Michael Jackson’s estate have denied the recent reports, as has his children Paris Jackson.