Gavin Arvizo claims he was being teased by classmates…

The teenager accusing Michael Jackson of molestation ended his fourth day of testimony yesterday (March 15) by admitting he lied to a school official who questioned him about whether he was abused by the pop star.

Fifteen-year-old Gavin Arvizo told a Santa Maria courtroom that following the Martin Bashir documentary which was screened in February 2003, he was teased as the “kid who got raped by Michael Jackson” by his fellow classmates.

When the taunting led to fights, Arvizo was sent to his school’s dean, Jeffrey Alpert.

As previously reported by NME.COM, the teenager admitted on Monday (March 14) that his told his former teacher that he had never been molested by the star.

However, yesterday, Arvizo explained that he denied any abuse had taken place due to embarrassment.

“I told him that it didn’t happen,” Arvizo testified. “All the kids were already making fun of me at the school and I didn’t want anyone to think it had really happened.”

Later in the day the boy refuted a video shown by Michael Jackson’s attorney Thomas Mesereau, which showed him describing the performer as a father figure.

Under questioning by prosecutor Tom Sneddon, Arvizo wrapped up his testimony saying he no longer thought so highly of Michael Jackson.

“I don’t really like him anymore. I don’t think he was really deserving of the respect I was giving him as the coolest guy in the world,” he said.