The singer arrives late in his pyjamas…

Michael Jackson’s trial on child molestation charges took a bizarre twist yesterday (March 10) when the singer turned-up to court several hours late, dressed in what looked like his pyjamas.

Thursday’s court proceedings were due to begin at 8.30am Pacific Time, but when the singer failed to arrive, Superior Court Judge Rodney Melville issued a warrant for the Michael Jackson’s arrest and said he would forfeit his three million dollars bail if he did not arrive within an hour.

The pop star’s attorney Tom Mesereau told the court his client was receiving treatment for a back injury at a nearby hospital, but the Judge refused the lawyer’s request he speak to Michael Jackson’s doctor.

A little over an hour later, flanked by his bodyguards and father Joe, the singer arrived limping, and wearing blue jim jam bottoms, white socks, sandals and a blazer, as he went into court to hear a second day of testimony from his 15 year-old accuser.

According to reports, during the witness examination, the teenager told the court the singer gave him wine, dubbed “Jesus juice.” He also said Michael Jackson exposed him to Internet pornography and masturbated him twice.

Later Michael Jackson’s attorney cross examined the boy, suggesting he made the story up after meeting with Larry Feldman, the attorney of another boy who accused the singer of molestation in 1993.

Cross-examination will continue on Monday. The Judge will hear court motions by the lawyers later today.