Gavin Arvizo claimed he and the star watched porn together...

Michael Jackson’s accuser took the witness stand for the first time yesterday (March 9) in the singer’s trial on molestation charges.

And Gavin Arvizo, 15, claimed that he and Michael Jackson had watched pornography in the singer’s bedroom, according to the BBC.

Arvizo, who was suffering from cancer when he met Michael Jackson, told the court about the beginning of his association with Michael Jackson, saying how his parents had agreed to Michael Jackson’s suggestion that he spend the night at Neverland ranch.

And he told how the star had been his “best friend” and “the coolest guy in the world”.

He said that on the second night, they looked at seven sexually explicit websites in the singer’s bedroom over a 15-30 minute period.

He then claimed that Michael Jackson had become distant and stopped returning his calls, until calling him out of the blue and asking him to appear in the Martin Bashir documentary that sparked the investigation.

Arvizo told the court: “(Michael Jackson) was like ‘I’m going to put you in the movies and this is your audition. And then he said, ‘Tell them you call me daddy and daddy Michael.”

“He said he wanted me to say that he pretty much cured me of cancer.”

Michael Jackson’s defence team have been attempting to undermine Arvizo and his family, portraying his mother as someone who had repeatedly tried to extort money out of celebrities.