Lawyers want the singer's grand jury indictment thrown out...

Michael Jackson‘s lawyers have asked a judge to throw out the singer’s grand jury indictment on the basis of what they see as insufficient evidence, lack of “strong suspicion” and improper conduct on the part of the government.

The star’s lawyer Robert Sanger signed a motion which was filed on Tuesday (July 6) and released on Wednesday (7), appealing to Santa Barbara County Judge Rodney Melville.

Michael Jackson has pleaded not guilty to a ten count indictment which includes charges of child molestation, extortion, false imprisonment, child abduction and giving a minor an intoxicating agent.

The motion cites what the defence deems to be unfair proceedings, highlighting the conveying of information to the jurors “without regard to the rules of evidence,” and the behaviour of the prosecutors.

Also included is the allegation that the prosecutors “bullied and argued with witnesses” and “ran the proceedings as if they employed grand jurors”.

According to BBC News, the motion said: “There is no case in the history of the state of California that has condoned anything like the abuse of power demonstrated in this grand jury proceeding.”

Michael Jackson is set to stand trail on the child molestation charges in California’s Santa Barbara on September 13.