The star is accused of plying boys with alcohol at his Neverland ranch...

The sister of the boy at the centre of the Michael Jackson trial has told the jury that she saw the star giving her brother wine.

Giving evidence at the Santa Maria trial, she told how she saw Michael Jackson drinking alcohol with her brother and two other boys at his Neverland ranch.

And, according to the BBC, she claimed that her family was isolated and coerced at the time when prosecutors claim Michael Jackson was abusing her brother.

Michael Jackson denies ten charges of child abuse and false imprisonment.

The girl recounted the time she and her family spent with Michael Jackson at Neverland, and how he spent most of the time away from her with her brothers. On one occasion, she claims, she followed them into a wine cellar hidden behind a jukebox in a room full of toys, and found her brothers drinking wine with Michael Jackson.

And she told how her brother appeared aloof after spending time with Michael Jackson: “He didn’t want to talk to me, he didn’t want to be near me, he was distant. It felt weird. I just knew something.”

The girl will be questioned by Michael Jackson’s defence team today (March 4).