But Martin Bashir refuses to answer questions in court...

Journalist MARTIN BASHIR has made an appearance in court as part of the MICHAEL

JACKSON trial – but has refused to answer questions.

Bashir was called as a witness for the prosecution yesterday (March 1) in the singer’s trial for child molestation. He is central to the case since it was in his documentary, ‘Living With Michael Jackson’, that sparked the investigation into Michael Jackson and his relationship with the alleged victim.

But, according to the BBC, the defence team have now called for Bashir to be held in contempt after he refused to answer almost all of prosecutor Tom Sneddon’s questions, citing a California ‘shield’ law which allows journalists to protect their sources.

Defence lawyer Thomas Mesereau questioned Bashir’s credibility as a journalist and claimed that he misrepresented

Jackson in the infamous documentary.

He also said he planned to call Bashir as a defence witness later in the trial, which Bashir’s lawyers said they would fight.

Judge Rodney Melville said he would consider the contempt claim, saying “it’s a real ticklish area.”

Asked how he felt after the second day of evidence in Santa Maria, Michael Jacksonreplied “good,” before adding “angry.” He denies ten charges of child molestation and false imprisonment, and could face up to 21 years in prison if convicted.