A European buyer snaps up the booty...

Michael Jackson‘s stage costumes, photographs, documents and props are amongst the items in mammoth collection sold to a European buyer.

Before their shipping yesterday (March 3) the artefacts had previously filled a 6,000 square-foot room in New Jersey for the last 18 months.

The seller, Henry V Vaccaro Sr, declined to name the buyer or the price that was paid for the items, but revealed that they intend to display the collection in Europe and Japan.


According to Billboard, Vaccaro claims that the memorabilia is the largest collection in the world and acquired it following a nine-year legal battle with the Michael Jackson family.

He said that a Michael Jackson-formed company had agreed to buy his Kramer Guitar Co. in 1992, but defaulted on $1.4 million payments a year later.

Vaccaro finally secured the collection after he paid off a storage and shipping bill owed by the Jackson family to a Californian warehouse.

The memorabilia can be viewed for a fee at the new [url=]jacksonvault.com website, after Vaccaro spent years cataloguing and photographing the items.

He said that now the collection has been sold: “I don’t know what I’m going to do with myself.”