The jury have been selected…

The jury in the Michael Jackson case has been selected, meaning the trial will start on Monday (February 28).

Jury selection had been expected to last almost a month, but was completed this week.

Although the members of the public selected to try the singer cannot be identified, details of 12 and the reserve panel have been revealed, ABC reports.

What has become clear is the influence Michael Jackson has in his local community, as one juror and two alternatives have actually visited the star’s home, and one of those is the mother-in-law of a former Michael Jackson employee.

It is rare that jurors have visited a defendant’s home, however the anomaly occurred because Michael Jackson has opened his Neverland ranch and private amusement park to thousands of visitors since buying it in 1988.

As previously reported there have been delays to the trial due Michael Jackson ending up in hospital with flu-like symptoms, while the death of an attorney’s sister also caused proceedings to be paused.