Michael Jackson closes down Neverland home

It's in a bid to reduce costs

Singer Michael Jackson has closed down the house on his Neverland ranch in a bid to reduce costs on the property.

The star, who is currently living in Bahrain, has made some staff redundant, while parts of the estate remain open, reports the BBC.

A spokesperson for the pop star refused to comment upon his future plans for the 1,100 hectare (2,800 acre) ranch.

Jackson agreed to settle an unpaid wage bill of $306,000 (£174,000) after being threatened with legal action, but was fined for allowing insurance to lapse. The penalty, which was imposed in January, amounted to $169,000 (£97,000).

It was issued last week and Jackson has 30 days to lodge an appeal.

The authorities issued a stop-work order to staff after the insurance discrepancy was uncovered. Employees who work for a third party and are therefore insured have been allowed to continue working.

A local veterinary surgeon has put employees who look after Jackson‘s menagerie on his payroll, while security is being handled by the Jackson family.

The star has been residing in Bahrain since his trial last year, where he faced child abuse charges. After a four-month court case he was cleared.