Michael Jackson agrees to pay wages

The singer promises to settle overdue monies

Michael Jackson has agreed to pay his Neverland staff their overdue wages.

The singer promised to settle up hours before a legal deadline ran out, state officials have said.

At least thirty workers at the star’s Californian ranch are owed $306,000 (£174,000) in unpaid wages dating back to December last year.

According to BBC News, Jackson was threatened with a lawsuit if he did not pay up by a Tuesday deadline, which was then extended to yesterday (March 15).

The wages are to be paid today (March 16), a statement from the California Department Of Industrial Relations said.

Acting California labour commissioner Robert Jones said: “There is no need to take legal action in this matter at this time.”

Jackson however, will still be fined for allowing workplace insurance at the Neverland ranch to lapse.

The singer was fined $169,000 (£97,000) in January for failing to renew employer’s insurance. He now has 30 days to appeal against the fine, which was issued last week.

As previously reported, the local authority will now take care of the animals in the property’s zoo, which include elephants, giraffes, snakes, orang-utans, tigers and a crocodile.

The singer has been living in Bahrain since he was acquitted on child molestation charges last June.

Jackson‘s Neverland ranch is located in central California and contains the main house, zoo and theme park within the 1,100 hectare (2,800 acre) plot.