It looks like sharing his bed with boys will be a thing of the past...

MICHAEL JACKSON’s lawyer has spoken about the problems the singer faced during his child molestation trial.

As reported on NME.COM last night (June 13), the singer has been cleared of all the charges against him after a trial which has lasted much of the year.

Speaking in the US today, his lawyer Thomas Mesereau said the singer is taking things “one day at a time”, and will no longer be sharing his bed with boys.

He also told TV network ABC that at points in the trial he was concerned about the singer’s welfare.

He revealed: “He lost a lot of weight, he could not sleep, we would talk sometimes at three in the morning, four in the morning. He took it very hard, it was a very very excruciating and difficult process for him and his family.”

After the verdict, a visibly frail Jackson returned to his Neverland ranch, without giving any interviews.

Mesereau said that the evening was spent relaxing and saying “some prayers”.

He concluded: “It was not overly jubilant, it was not artificial, it was a real gathering of family members all of whom are grateful to God for the result.”