But the actor does admit to having slept in the singer's bed when he was younger...

Actor MACAULAY CULKIN has rubbished claims that Michael Jackson molested him – but admitted that he did sleep in the singer’s bed.

Giving evidence for the defence at the singer’s trial in California, Culkin branded allegations of sexual abuse “absolutely ridiculous”, according to the BBC.

Under cross-examination, Culkin admitted that he had often slept in Michael Jackson’s bed during the visits he made to the singer’s Neverland ranch between the ages of nine and 14.

But he insisted that the sleepovers were never planned, and that he would just fall asleep.

When prosecutor Ron Zonen suggested that Michael Jackson may have molested him while he slept, Culkin responded: “I think I’d realise if something like that would happen.”

Last month a former chef at Neverland, called as a prosecution witness, told the court that in 1991 he had seen Michael Jackson with his hands inside Culkin’s shorts.

But Culkin says that the prosecution never even contacted him to try and corroborate the story. He said: “Somebody told me you should probably check out CNN because they’re saying something about you. I just couldn’t believe it. It was amazing to me that nobody even approached me and asked if these allegations were true.”

Culkin also told the court that the pair had become friends because they had both been child stars: “We’re part of a unique group of people. He’d been through that before, so he understood what it was like to be put in that position that I was in, to be thrust into it.”