Neverland employees claim they never saw the singer behave inappropriately with young boys…

Michael Jackson’s staff have testified in defence of the star at his child molestation trial.

The Neverland employees claimed that they had never seen the singer behave inappropriately with young boys at this ranch in California.

The witnesses also yesterday (May 9) said that a family who accused Michael Jackson of holding them captive had showed no signs of being at the ranch against their will.

According to BBC News, Gayle Goforth – a head of housekeeping at Neverland – told jurors that the mother of Michael Jackson’s accuser Gavin Arvizo, Janet, had once asked her for a job because she was desperate for money.

Goforth said: “I told her that the rents were very expensive in the area. But she said: ‘I’ll come and I’ll sleep in the car if I need to’.”

Violet Silva, a former security chief at the ranch and a current safety coordinator there also said that Gavin, and his older brother Star were “pretty destructive” during their stay at Neverland in 2003.

She claimed that the brothers ran wild, dropped litter and drove around the estate in golf carts without permission. Silva also said that the boys, their sister and their mother, were never prevented from leaving the ranch.

As previously reported by NME.COM, the first witnesses were called by Michael Jackson’s defence last week (May 5).

Two men who were alleged child abuse victims of the star denied that they were molested by the star. The pair admitted to sharing a bed with Michael Jackson when they were regular visitors to his Neverland ranch in the early 1990s.

Michael Jackson denies ten charges, including child abuse and false imprisonment.