Two men say that nothing inappropriate went on during childhood visits to Neverland…

Two men who were alleged child abuse victims of Michael Jackson have denied that they were molested by the star.

The first witnesses to be called by the defence yesterday (May 5) were Wade Robson and Brett Barnes at the singer’s trial in Santa Maria.

The pair admitted to sharing a bed with Michael Jackson when they were regular visitors to his Neverland ranch in the early 1990s.

According to BBC News, Robson told the courtroom that he first stayed at the star’s home in 1989 and said that he slept in Michael Jackson’s bedroom on all but three or four of his 20 or so visits.

Robson said that the pair of them played video games, watched movies, talked and sometimes had pillow fights.

Defence lawyer Thomas Mesereau asked Robson: “Did Michael Jackson ever molest you at any time?” to which Robson replied: “Absolutely not.”

Mesereau then asked: “Did Michael Jackson ever touch you in a sexual way?”

“No, never,” Robson replied.

Prosecutor Ron Zonen later asked during cross examination: “What you’re really telling us is that nothing ever happened while you were awake.”

Answering, Robson said: “I’m telling you nothing ever happened.”

A prosecution witness claimed that he saw Michael Jackson and Robson take a shower together. But this was also rejected by Robson.

Jurors were also told by Brett Barnes, who lives in Australia, that he met Michael Jackson at the age of five when the singer passed through Australia on tour.

Barnes revealed that he stayed at Neverland at least ten times and shared a bed with the star.

However, like Robson, he also denied that anything improper took place.

Barnes stated that he was aware that witnesses had testified that they had seen Michael Jackson touch him inappropriately.

He said: “I’m very mad about it. It’s not true and they put my name through the dirt. I’m really not happy about it.”

Earlier in court yesterday, Judge Rodney Melville declined a defence motion for acquittal.

The defence team claimed that the prosecution – who rested their case on Wednesday (May 4) – had failed to prove the charges.