Debbie Rowe claims that her 'model parent' description of the singer was dishonest…

Michael Jackson’s former wife has admitted that she lied when she said that the star was a model parent in a video the singer made to defend himself.

However, Debbie Rowe denied in the Santa Maria court that she was forced to praise him or read a script in the 2003 video.

Michael Jackson and Rowe were married between 1996 and 1999 and she is the mother of two of his children.

Michael Jackson made the video in response to the Martin Bashir documentary, in which the singer admitted to sharing his bed with a child.

The singer asked Rowe to appear in his video.

“He told me there was a video coming out and it was full of lies and would I help? And I said “Yes, as always.” Rowe told the court.

According to BBC News, Rowe wiped away tears during yesterday’s court session.

She said that her ex-husband was “a wonderful man” and a model parent in a nine-hour interview for Michael Jackson’s video. Clips were televised from the video in February 2003.

Rowe however told the court that some of her answers, including those about his parenting, were dishonest.

She also told jurors that the interview was not scripted and she declined an offer to look at the questions beforehand.

”It was a cold interview and I wanted to keep it that way,” she said.

Before the video, Michael Jackson and Rowe had not spoken since 1999 and she signed her parental rights away in 2001.

Rowe did not say that she made a deal to be interviewed in exchange for seeing her children, but said she hoped she would be “reintroduced to them and to be reacquainted with their dad”.

When questioned as to why she wanted to be reacquainted with Michael Jackson, Rowe looked at the star and said: “He’s my friend.”

Rowe also told the court that the couple “never shared a home” during the time they were married, and following the divorce, she was granted eight hours every 45 days with her children Prince Michael and Paris.

She said: “The visitations were not comfortable. We were hooked up at a hotel. When I would bring things to do, like fingerpaints or colouring, the nanny was always very concerned they would get dirty.”

Judge Rodney Melville said on Monday (April 25) that he would limit Rowe’s evidence following warnings from the defence team that it could open “a huge can of worms”.

Michael Jackson denies ten charges, including child abuse and false imprisonment.