Problems mount for fallen star...

Michael Jackson could face charges of making a groundless accusation against the police if his claim that he was mistreated while under arrest prove to be false.

The Santa Barbara Sheriff’s Department strongly deny Jackson’s claim that he was roughed up during his arrest over child sex abuse charges and have launched an investigation into the claim.

In an interview with American TV’s ‘60 Minutes’ show, Jackson said he suffered a dislocated shoulder and bruising to his arm while in custody on November 20.

But Santa Barbara Sheriff Jim Anderson told a press conference he was “shocked and troubled” by the allegations and had ordered an immediate investigation.

He also warned that if the department was cleared of any wrongdoing, the fallen star would face charges of making a groundless accusation against a police officer.

He added that Jackson had waved to supporters upon his release and showed no sign of having a dislocated shoulder.

The press conference was also played a police recording made during Jackson’s arrest. He was heard saying “wonderful, thank you very much” and “fine” while in custody.

The 45-year-old star was also heard whistling and humming to himself as he was driven to the Sheriff’s Office in California. Police video footage showed Jackson meeting police at an airport in California and getting into an unmarked police car.

Jackson is currently on bail of $3million. He faces a Californian court on January 16 on seven counts of child abuse and two of plying a minor with alcohol to commit a crime.