Which is the reason he's got rid of his defence attorneys...

Michael Jackson has spoken out about the termination of his defence attorneys, claiming his “life is at stake”.

The accused star has issued a statement on his official website to explain the reasons for parting company with attorneys Mark Geragos and Benjamin Brafman just days after his indictment on child molestation charges.

Michael Jackson says that it is “imperative” he have “the full attention” of those representing him as he believes his life is at risk.

The statement reads,

“I have terminated the services of Attorneys Mark Geragos, Esquire, and Benjamin Brafman, Esquire, effective immediately. I have hired Thomas Mesereau, a well-regarded Criminal Defence attorney, as lead counsel. Mr Mesereau will work together with my long time attorney, Steve Cochran. Prominent Santa Barbara attorney, Robert Sanger, will also remain on the team. Let me make it clear, I have not replaced my Defence team, I have replaced the lead attorneys. And, contrary to reports, this is a decision that I have personally made.

“It is imperative that I have the full attention of those who are representing me. My life is at stake. Therefore, I must feel confident that my interests are of the highest priority. I am innocent of these false charges, and will aggressively seek to clear my name. I feel very confident that when I am able to defend myself, I will be exonerated by a jury of my peers.

“I would like to thank Messrs. Geragos and Brafman for the work they have done, and I wish them well.”

Brafman had previously told Reuters that it was his and Geragos’ decision to step down.

“Mark and I elected to step down. There were a number of complicated legal and practical issues…but it’s not appropriate for us to discuss them. I wish Michael Jackson well…and I hope he will be completely exonerated,” he said.

Michael Jackson is preparing to stand trial on seven counts of lewd acts on a minor and two counts of plying the boy with alcohol, following the Santa Barbara grand jury’s decision to indict him last week.