But Judge Rodney Melville has to admonish both lawyer Thomas Mesereau and Janet Arvizo…

Michael Jackson’s lawyers questioned the mother of the star’s accuser on Friday (April 15), leading Judge Rodney Melville to admonish both parties during the heated exchanges.

The defence contend that Janet Arvizo forged close relationship with celebrities in an attempt to coax money from them.

During cross examination by defence lawyer Thomas Mesereau, Arvizo accused Mesereau of being wilfully ‘incorrect’ and ‘inaccurate’.

According to MTV News, during these exchanges, Judge Melville chastised the both of them, telling Mesereau to act more professionally, saying to Arvizo that it was as much her fault as Mesereau’s and instructing the jury to disregard portions of the testimony.

At one point during the questioning, Arvizo – in response to an unrelated question – turned to the jury and said, pointing to Michael Jackson: “I thought he didn’t drink. How foolish I was. Now I know Neverland is just a place for booze, pornography and sex with boys.”

Prosecutors also showed jurors videotapes found in a private investigator’s office to try and prove that associates of Michael Jackson had closely monitored accuser Gavin Arvizo’s family while he, his mother and siblings were being held captive in the singer’s Neverland ranch.

Jurors have been repeatedly told by Mesereau that Janet Arvizo ripped off celebrities and other targets by exploiting Gavin’s fight with cancer. He also accused her of filing a past lawsuit that Mesereau says was a hoax, according to Billboard.

The Arvizo family received a settlement of over $150,000 after they alleged that they were roughed up by security guards in a department store.

However, Janet Arvizo told the court on Friday that she had no plans to sue the singer.

Michael Jackson denies ten charges, including child abuse and false imprisonment.