Janet Arvizo claims star told her of death threats to family…

The mother of Michael Jackson’s teenage accuser testified that the star warned her that her son was in danger following a controversial television documentary.

Janet Arvizo also told the Santa Maria court that she saw the singer lick her son’s head after flying the family to Florida for a press conference.

According to BBC News, Janet was in tears at times as she recalled how Michael Jackson and his accuser Gavin became friends during her son’s treatment for cancer.

However, the mother described how things changed dramatically following the broadcast of a documentary by Martin Bashir in Britain.

She claims that Michael Jackson told her that death threats had been made against her children and that they were in danger.

Janet told the courtroom: “He told me that (Gavin) was in danger and there had to be a press conference because of this Bashir man.”

Michael Jackson then flew the family to Miami on a private jet for a news conference which never took place, she then said.

It was on their return that Janet claims she saw the star lick her son’s head, but said that she had never told anyone about it.

Prosecutors also claim that following the trip, Michael Jackson held the family at his Neverland ranch until they agreed to make a video clearing his name.

The jury have seen this video, though it has never been broadcast.

Judge Rodney S Melville agreed before Janet Arvizo took to the stand that she would not have to answer questions about any welfare payments she may have received.

Prosecutor Thomas Sneddon told the jury at the start of the trial that she would admit to taking benefits to which to which she was not entitled, but yesterday Judge Melville told the jury not to draw any negative conclusions about either side.

Defence lawyers for Michael Jackson have previously tried to discredit the prosecution, by claiming Janet Arvizo preyed on celebrities for their money.

Michael Jackson denies ten charges, including child abuse and false imprisonment.