Michael Jackson’s lawyer rejects jurors’ claims

Two of the 12 say they’ve changed their mind about the not guilty verdict…

Michael Jackson‘s lawyer THOMAS MESEREAU has attacked two jurors who are now claiming they believe the star was guilty.

The singer was acquitted on all 14 charges in his child molestation trial earlier this year, but two jurors have recently told American television they felt otherwise about the allegations and claimed they were pressurised by other jurors to change their minds.

However declaring their comments “embarrassing and outrageous”, Mesereau said: “These people voted not guilty 14 times. … Now, nearly two months after being discharged, they’re changing their tune. I think it’s laughable.”

With the jurors now touting for book deals, another member of the jury who spoke to the Los Angeles Times stated that the pair had their say during the case, and denied any coercion occurred.

“(The two) were clear in expressing their feeling he might be guilty but totally clear that the evidence wasn’t there and reasonable doubt prevailed,” explained Susan Drake.