Jason Francia's mother was once a maid for the embattled singer...

The son of a former Michael Jackson employee has taken the stand in the pop star’s trial, testifying that the singer molested him in 1990.

Jason Francia, 24, whose mother was once a maid for the singer, tearfully recounted from the witness box three instances of alleged abuse at the hands of the Michael Jackson.

Francia claimed the abuse began in 1990, during what started out as tickling sessions. The young man said that while watching cartoons at Michael Jackson’s Los Angeles condo, a tickling incident ended with Michael Jackson fondling his testicles for a few minutes.

He then told the court about a second instance of alleged abuse at the same location, where he claims the pop star ended another tickling session by moving his hands to the youth’s “little private region . . . around my crotch area,” the Associated Press reports.

In both instances, Francia said the touching occurred on top of his clothing and Michael Jackson put a $100 bill down his pants after it was over.

The young man, whose mother eventually reached an out-of-court settlement with the singer in 1994, then recounted a third instance of molestation that ended after the singer reached inside the young man’s underwear, to directly fondle his testicles.

While answering questions about the incident, a wave of emotions washed over Francia’s face. After wiping his eyes with tissues he told the court, “This took a lot of counselling to get over, just to let you know,” although the Judge had the comment stricken from the record.

During cross examination, the witness revealed he remained silent about the abuse including to Santa Barbara County Sheriff Department detectives, who in 1993 interviewed him while investigating another boy’s molestation claims.