The troubled star goes on a trip to buy toys, and even has time to sample a pretzel...

Michael Jackson signed autographs for fans when made a surprise visit to a TEXAS shopping mall on Tuesday (July 27) to buy toys.

The singer, who is facing allegations of child molestation, was in Houston to meet with a lawyer about a music contract, according to Texan TV station, KTRK.

A spokesperson for the star said that Michael Jackson was “on business, and just decided to drop by the mall”.

According to the reports, the singer went on a shopping spree inside the Memorial City Mall and was accompanied by his entourage and a female friend, who identified herself as Monique.

The television station reported that he shook fans’ hands, signed autographs and sampled a pretzel.

The star is said to have shopped mainly for toys in several stores and his purchases were taken out to his vehicle. KTRK revealed: “We did spot him buying several teddy bears.”

As previously reported on NME.COM, Michael Jackson has pleaded not guilty to a ten count indictment which includes charges of child molestation, extortion, false imprisonment, child abduction and giving a minor an intoxicating agent.

His trial has been delayed until the end of January 2005, following a request by the star’s lawyers.

The defence team were granted more time to study the evidence by a judge in California yesterday, after they claimed there was an enormous amount to be examined.

The trial, which had been due to start on September 13, will now be delayed until January 31.