Jackson returns to Las Vegas afterwards...

Michael Jackson has been formally charged in SANTA BARBARA on suspicion of child molestation. He was booked and released in an hour after posting bail of $3m.

He had to hand over his passport and have his photograph and fingerprints taken. He is due to appear in court on January 9 in the Supreme Court, Santa Barbara.

He had flown to Santa Barbara in a hired jet on Thursday (November 20). He was met by police at 12.05pm local time (8.05pm UK time) and was led into the station in handcuffs.. He was booked and released in under an hour.

He has now returned to Las Vegas where he is filming a TV special. Hundreds of fans turned out to offer their support when he returned to his hotel.

Michael Jackson‘s lawyer Mark Geragos said that Michael Jackson intended to confront the charges, he considers them to be “a big lie”. He added that Michael Jackson had said that the charges are “categorically untrue”.

Michael Jackson could face up to eight years in jail. This follows allegations in 1993 that led to a multi-million dollar out of court settlement.