The investigation is related to sex abuse claims made by a 12 year old boy...

Michael Jackson’s NEVERLAND ranch was searched by police yesterday (November 18).

Michael Jackson’s lawyer Brian Oxman has said the investigation is connected to sex abuse claims made by a 12 year old boy, according to the BBC.

Michael Jackson, who was not present for the search, has said he will give his full co-operation to the police, but had no idea what the search was about.

“The search warrant indicates there is an accusation by a 12-year-old boy who says that he was molested,” explained Oxman. “The police are seizing information which they think is relevant to that accusation.”

The warrant indicated that the matter has been investigated for over two months prior to the search.

Stuart Backerman, Michael Jackson’s publicist, issued a statement later in the day, claiming the singer, who released greatest hits album ’Number Ones’ this week, knows nothing about the investigation.

“We cannot comment on law enforcement’s investigation because we do not yet know what it is about,” said Backerman. “Michael Jacksonwill, as always, co-operate fully with authorities in any investigation even as it is conducted, yet again, while he is not home.”

Backerman believes that the timing of the allegations is not coincidence. “These characters always seem to surface with a dreadful allegation just as another project, an album, a video, is being released,” he said.

The allegations are not the first for Michael Jackson, who reached an out of court settlement for $13 Million with a 14-year-old boy over sexual abuse in 1993.

Though no charges were ever brought against the star, he caused continuing controversy by admitting he lets children sleep in his bed in a TV interview with Martin Bashir.