Comedienne claims she spoke to accuser’s mother…

Michael Jackson’s trial on child molestation charges was marked yesterday by the testimony of a witness who claims she spoke to the accuser’s mother while the family were allegedly being held hostage at NEVERLAND. (March 22)

Comedienne Louise Palanker was called to the stand in an attempt to substantiate prosecutors’ claims that the Arvizo family were held at the star’s ranch against their will.

During their opening statements several weeks ago, prosecutors alleged that Michael Jackson held 15-year-old accuser Gavin Arvizo and his family at the singer’s home in order to make a video tape rebuttal to the controversial Martin Bashir documentary that was shown on TV in 2003.

Yesterday, in a Santa Maria courtroom, Palanker took the stand for the prosecution, testifying she received a call from the teen’s mother Janet Arvizo.

According to BBC News, Palanker said that Arvizo phoned her upset and crying. “It’s not a safe line, they’re listening to every word I say. These people are evil, they are keeping us.”

Palanker’s relationship with the family goes back to 2000. During Arvizo’s battle with cancer she gave them $20,000.

Michael Jackson’s lawyers say that Gavin’s mother tried to exploit relationships with Palanker and other celebrities to extort money, though Palanker testified that Janet Arvizo had never asked her for money.

Palanker said that it was the woman’s former husband who had pursued her for the cash.

Following the short day of testimony, Michael Jackson, who on Monday (March 21) brought his doctor to court with him due to a back injury, told reporters that he is doing better.

Michael Jackson denies ten charges, including child abuse and false imprisonment.