Witness claims fingerprints said to belong to the star and his accuser are found on explict publication...

Fingerprints matching those of MICHAEL JACKSON and his accuser GAVIN ARVIZO were found together on a pornographic magazine seized from the singer’s NEVERLAND ranch, a police forensics expert has said.

Retired Santa Barbara County Sheriff Sgt. Robert Spinner told a Santa Maria courtroom yesterday (March 25) that there were 19 latent fingerprints found on the pages of magazines, including Penthouse and Barely Legal matching those of Jackson and his then 13-year-old accuser or the boy’s younger brother.

Spinner told jurors that Jackson’s left thumb print and three fingerprints from his accuser were found on a copy of Hustler Barely Legal Hardcore – the only magazine to show prints from both of them together.

Spinner was one of six prosecution witnesses to take to the stand on Friday, including four other sheriff’s employees, who discussed the procedures police used to process fingerprint evidence in this case.

According to Reuters, prosecutors were trying to corroborate what Arvizo had already told jurors.

Arvizo claimed that Jackson showed him and his younger brother adult magazines in the star’s bedroom and later masturbated him on at least two occasions after nights of heavy drinking.

The defence has contended that Arvizo and Jackson never handled the magazine together but that Arvizo placed his fingers on it during grand jury hearings.

Jackson denies ten charges, including child abuse and false imprisonment.