The star's former housekeeper gives evidence too...

Michael Jackson’s former housekeeper and a LOS ANGELES news personality took center stage in a SANTA MARIA courtroom yesterday as they testified for the prosecution at the pop star’s trial on molestation charges.

Fritz Coleman, a longtime weatherman for NBC’s LA affiliate, was called to the stand first. The forecaster, who doubles as a stand-up comedian, said he met Michael Jackson’s accuser, Gavin Arvizo, in 1999, along with the 15 year-old’s brother and sister, when the children attended a program for disadvantaged children at LA’s Laugh Factory.

Coleman testified that following their meeting, he and a fellow comedian were moved into buying holiday gifts for the family, which they delivered to the family’s small apartment. He admitted he also later visited the boy at the hospital after Arvizo was diagnosed with cancer, where he saw a large stack of gifts sent by the pop star. It is believed Coleman’s testimony was called upon to give weight to the family’s credibility.

Later in the afternoon, Michael Jackson’s ex-housekeeper Kiki Fournier was called to the stand. She testified that during her 12 years of service to the singer, she witnessed children running wild throughout his estate which she said was akin to “Pinocchio’s pleasure island.” Fournier said that on several occasions she saw children who appeared to be drunk or drinking alcohol at the singer’s ranch while Michael Jackson was around, though she never saw Michael Jackson serve them the substance.

Under further questioning the maid said she noticed Michael Jackson took an interest in pre-teen boys including Arvizo, and the 1993 accuser of the star, Jordy Chandler. She also said that when children stayed over, Michael Jackson would often allow them to sleep in his room.

During a cross examination by Michael Jackson’s attorney Thomas Mesereau Jr. Fournier admitted that during their stay, Arvizo and his brother broke into the singer’s pornography materials and wine cellar.