Police officer claims Gavin Arvizo could only describe in detail two instances of molestation…

Michael Jackson’s teenage accuser could only describe in detail two times he was molested by the singer despite claiming there were five to seven instances, a policeman said.

Sgt Steve Robel told the Santa Maria court yesterday (March 16) that 15-year-old Gavin Arvizo “could not articulate exactly” what happened every time.

The lead investigator on the case, Robel said that Arvizo “choked up” while describing to police details of the alleged abuse.


According to BBC News, Robel explained: “He was fine with talking to us. When I got into the molestation acts, I noticed a change in demeanour. He became very quiet, folded his arms and sank down into his chair. He even became choked up.”

The policeman was questioned by prosecutor Tom Sneddon over apparent discrepancies in the number of times Arvizo claimed he was molested.

The teenager testified earlier to only two molestations, but said that he believed there have been more.

Robel said: “In the first interview, he described two incidents in detail. He thought that it happened between five and seven times but he could not articulate exactly.”

Arvizo had been able to give detailed accounts of only two alleged molestations since his first interviews in July 2003, the officer confirmed.

Gavin and his brother Star have both claimed Michael Jackson showed them adult magazines and websites, and yesterday jurors were shown magazines and videos alleged to form part of a pornography collection the singer kept around his Neverland ranch.


Michael Jackson’s defence team highlighted that some of the magazines and books were published after the abuse had allegedly occurred.

As previously reported on NME.COM, Arvizo admitted on Tuesday (March 15), that he lied to a school official who questioned him about whether he was abused by the pop star, as he was being teased as the “kid who got raped by Michael Jackson” by his fellow classmates.

Michael Jackson denies ten charges, including child abuse and false imprisonment.