The pop icon chooses a suitably sickly subject matter...

Michael Jackson is turn to the big screen and direct his first ever feature film ‘THEY CAGE THE ANIMALS AT NIGHT’.

The star will team up with Canadian writer-director Bryan Michael Stoller on the project. The film will be an adaptation of Jennings Michael Burch’s book, an autobiographical account of being abandoned at an orphanage and then being sent from foster home to foster home.

According to the Hollywood Reporter, Michael Jackson approached Stoller after watching his 1999 picture ‘Undercover Angel’.

Michael Jackson said he wanted to direct, that he liked my style and that we would complement each other as co-directors,” Stoller said. “He was the one who brought this book to me. It deals with orphans, and Michael Jackson always felt that he grew up as an orphan because, in a way, he missed out on his childhood. The boy in the book had a tough time, and Michael Jackson related a lot to that.”

The film is in development at present, with no details of when it is likely to move into production.