Promotional copies of 'You Rock My World', will not play in computers' CD-Rom drive thanks to the use of new technology...

has attempted to thwart computer bootleggers by making sure promotional copies of his new single, ‘YOU ROCK MY WORLD’, will not play in computers’ CD-Rom drive.

Following the appearance of the single on the Internet, Sony, ‘s record label, copyrighted CDs sent to radio stations, using key2audio technology to prohibit transference to MP3, the format which enables users to swap files over the Internet.

According to a report in today’s Independent newspaper (September 24), record labels ran successful trials of pirate-proof CDs in America earlier this year. However, a spokeswoman for Sony told NME.COM: “There are no plans currently to use similar technology on commercial releases of this


“As responsible copyright holders, Sony Music Entertainment has long been a proponent of protecting its artists and copyrights from piracy. We continue to test available copy protection technologies, and our goal is to implement copy protection on a broader basis to deter digital piracy.”