The star feels unwell prior to taking part in a copyright infringement lawsuit...

Michael Jackson was taken to hospital in INDIANAPOLIS yesterday (May 21) with “an undisclosed illness”.

The singer reportedly felt unwell just prior to taking the stand in a copyright infringement lawsuit and was taken to an unnamed hospital for observation.

The star’s lawyer Brian Oxman said: “He does not like lawsuits. He does not eat and he does not take care of himself because he is so worried.


“He can become very concerned and nervous at depositions. It makes him ill to have to cope with litigation that people seem to heap on him.”

No further information on Michael Jackson‘s

condition was revealed, though The Indianapolis Star reports that the singer left for California on a private jet late last night.

Michael Jackson

– who arrived in IIndianapolis earlier this week – is embroiled in a lawsuit that claims The Jackson 5 used the name of another band and two of their songs without permission.